Recipe tips to throw a healthier Super Bowl bash

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest unofficial holidays of the year, so if you're throwing a huge bash or having a small group of friends over, showing off your culinary abilities with your new Gerhards appliance is probably at the top of your agenda. Unfortunately, much of the traditional Super Bowl fare can be fatty and filling, which will leave you feeling less that stellar on the following Monday. Instead of chowing down on chicken wings and bowls of chips, you can reinvent your Super Bowl menu with traditional options that have been given a low-calorie tweaking.

A table spread of appetizers, beverages and a few entrees are sure to keep your guests satiated. Chips and dip are Super Bowl staples, so invest in multigrain chips to cut down on calories and create a Southwestern Layered Bean Dip. According to, this dip combines a selection of healthy veggies and cuts out some of the fatty portions of layered dip. Combine black beans, salsa, chopped cilantro, tomatoes, olives and refried beans into various layers. To make it a bit healthier, use reduced fat sour cream on top as well as Mexican cheese made with two percent milk instead of full-flavored varieties.

To make a dish that all of your friends will appreciate and reduce your cooktime, consider making a pot of turkey chili. This will be far healthier than the traditional beef chili, and you can use an assortment of ingredients to help yours stand out. For instance, if you love going heavy on the spice but worry about flavor, consider using pineapple as a way of cutting down the heat. When mixed with traditional Mexican spices, it's a surprisingly refreshing way of beating hunger pangs during the Super Bowl. Best of all, you can throw all of your chili ingredients into a slow cooker and let it cook throughout the day. This will give you plenty of time to prepare your appetizers, spruce up your serving area and make sure there is plenty of vibrant color in your home.

The Super Bowl is only a few weeks away, so if you're hosting the annual party, you'll need to wow your guests with your cuisine. Thankfully, there are plenty of small changes you can make to your menu that will help you feel far less guilty after your gathering.

Preparing a brunch menu that is sure to make a gathering memorable

If you're interested in getting together with old friends to catch up, there's no better way to do so than to host a brunch party. Breakfast dishes are easy to make with products from Gerhards Appliances and they consist of food that everyone will love, whether it's pancakes, Belgian waffles or omelettes.

To make sure you throw a brunch party that everyone will remember, it's important to create a menu that has a little bit of everything. One breakfast staple that should be at your get-together is scrambled eggs. Whether you want to season it with cheese or just a little bit of salt and pepper, the Double Oven Electric Range from Maytag can help you get there in no time.

To prepare the perfect scrambled eggs, whisk the eggs in a bowl prior to adding them to a hot, greased skillet. Add 1/2 cup of milk per three eggs to the mixture, then slowly pour it into a skillet on medium-low heat. Scramble the eggs with a spatula as it cooks, which should take approximately 5 to 10 minutes, or until the eggs are solid.

Other items that you might want to think about incorporating into your brunch menu are pancakes, waffles and bacon. And of course, you'll want to make sure that everyone has something to drink after munching on your delectable breakfast food.

Conjure up a fruit smoothie to keep the crowd pleased with a few items from the produce section. Pick up a pint of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries to create a delicious drink that everyone can enjoy. Pop the fruit into a blender and puree the mixture until it is smooth and drinkable. Pour it into glasses for your friends and sip away as you catch up and reminisce on old times.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of hosting a big dinner or cocktail party, brunch is the way to go. Breakfast food is simple and easy to make, and best of all, you can do it in a matter of minutes if you have Gerhards appliances. Many of these meal ideas can be prepared ahead of time as well and reheated the following day if you don't want to wake up early to set up the party.

The many benefits that induction cooking can have for your culinary creations

If you're in the midst of a kitchen remodeling project and you're looking into the many Gerhards appliances available, induction cooking may be something that has piqued your interest. An induction cooktop uses electromagnetism to instantly heat the bottom of a pan or pot and offer superior heat control to amateur chefs. Better yet, the product is also extremely safe and energy-efficient, which makes it ideal for today's green-conscious families that are looking to do their part to protect the environment.

A great example of this is the Electrolux 36" Induction Cooktop, which offers a beautiful blue LED display, an easy-to-clean surface and cutting-edge temperature control that chefs will love. One of the biggest benefits of an induction cooktop is its safety features – since the pots are heated up with electromagnetic current, the grill surface will remain cool and you can even put your hand there while it's cooking, according to This will give peace of mind to parents who are always worried about their children going near a gas or electric cooktop.

While an induction cooktop is a bit more expensive than a gas or electric device, you won't have to invest in a new set of pots and pans, according to the New York Times. Since an induction cooktop heats containers due to their own conductivity of an electrical current, there really isn't a difference between an upscale set of pans or one that you'll find in a discount store. Just be sure to bring a magnet along with you when shopping for new pans to ensure that they can carry the current that the induction cooktop creates. One thing to keep in mind is that cooking with an induction cooktop is very different – since the pan heats up almost instantly, you will have to relearn how to sear and simmer certain foods, but when you figure it out, you'll wonder how you lived without it!

Most importantly, using an induction cooktop will save you money on your electric bills and eliminate the need to install a hefty natural gas container in your yard or basement. These costs will certainly add up in the long run and will make your new kitchen less of a burden on your monthly expenses. So if you've never tried induction cooking before, it may be time to check out one of the biggest cooking advances on the market.

Learning the ins and outs of your new convection oven

Now that your kitchen remodeling project is finished, you probably have a few new appliances from Gerhards that you've been dying to give a test run. If you've invested in a convection oven, there are some subtle quirks to the design that will alter how you prepare and cook each dish. After all, a convection oven will cook your meals 25 to 30 percent faster than a conventional oven and has a different method of circulating heat, so you'll need to alter your preparations a bit to achieve the desired results, according to

In a standard oven, your food is cooked with radiant heat that is piped in from the top and bottom surfaces, according to While this is certainly effective, it also creates warm and cold spots which can cause food to take longer to cook. On the other hand, a convection oven uses air circulation to create an even distribution of heat that will allow the food to trap its internal juices, brown evenly and cook much faster. With this in mind, you should always use a shallow pan or cookie sheets when using a convection oven – if the air won't be able to circulate over the top of the pan, then there's no point in using it!

Adjusting your recipe is another aspect of convection cooking to keep in mind, and everything from the level of doneness to the amount of food will play a role in altering the cooking times. The best course of action is to experiment with your favorite meals by dropping the temperature or shortening the cooking time by 10 to 15 minutes. Better yet, keep your owner's manual handy to follow the manufacturer's tips that are specific to your oven.

Lastly, if you're going to be cooking a large stuffed turkey or roast this winter, be sure to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees. It may take a bit longer to cook, but the meat will be much juicier and won't shrink as drastically. Ultimately, trial and error is the best method to learn the ins and outs of your convection oven. Once you find the ideal cooking times and temperatures for your favorite dishes, you'll be whipping up culinary masterpieces in no time.

Improve the taste of your food in any season with a charcoal grill

Now that winter is in full swing, it may not seem like the ideal grilling weather, but for some amateur chefs, nothing can match the smoky flavor of a charcoal grill. Whether you're cooking chicken, ribs, steaks or roasting vegetables, a charcoal grill is an inexpensive way of preparing your favorite foods. By searching for appliances from Gerhards, you can find a grill of the ideal size and color that will work for your purposes.

On the surface, it may seem like a gas grill is the more convenient option, but charcoal grills have their own unique benefits. Apart from improving the flavor of foods, you have a much wider range of temperatures to work with – by arranging the coals in a specific manner, you can use direct or indirect heat to achieve your desired results. Gas grills only have a dial to work with, so if you're looking to slow-cook a rack of ribs or provide a good sear on a steak, a charcoal grill might be the better option.

Weber has made a name for itself as the king of charcoal grills for decades, and the company's classic design has become a fixture of American pop culture. Weber's One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill 22.5" is exactly what you'll need to prepare your favorite dishes at any time of the year. With 363 square inches of cooking surface, this grill will be able to accommodate your entrees and side dishes with ease. Additionally, it also boasts a porcelain-enamel bowl and lid and a rust-proof aluminum vent – this will help it stand up against the elements and improve its overall life span.

In the past, one of the greatest drawbacks of a charcoal grill was trying to clean it, but Weber has solved that problem with a stainless-steel, one-touch cleaning system. The grill features a high-capacity ash catcher that will collect all of the used coals and make them much easier to transport and dispose. In addition, the plated steel cooking surface can also be removed and cleaned quite easily.

It's never too early to start preparing for the arrival of grilling season, and you can certainly get plenty of use out of your new grill in the coming months. After you've tasted your first culinary creation on a charcoal grill, you may never go back to gas again!

Quick and easy Super Bowl food suggestions for amateur chefs

The NFL playoffs have just begun, but the Super Bowl will be here before you know it and you may just find yourself hosting the game day bash. The Super Bowl is all about chowing down on delectable finger foods and putting a unique twist on traditional fare, but if your kitchen is under-equipped, investing in Gerhard's appliances could be a great decision for the big game. After your new oven or cook top has been installed, you can get cracking on your delicious menu.

You want to give your friends a bunch of options, so greet them with standards like chips and dip, veggie plates and pretzels while you prepare a few hot appetizers. Chicken wings are Super Bowl standards, and you can help cut calories by baking them in your new oven instead. According to, sticky wings are a simple recipe that combine a garlic and soy-infused Asian marinade that is baked for only 25 minutes. All you have to do is coat the wings in the sauce overnight and put them on a baking sheet a few hours before the game starts. When everyone arrives, you can bring them out and let your guests go to town – just be sure to bring napkins!

Pulled pork is an excellent entree that will cook throughout the day and your guests can serve themselves when it's finished. All you need is a slow-cooker, a six to eight pound pork shoulder, a mixture of spices and a bit of water and apple cider to put inside of the pot. After about 10-12 hours, you can remove the roast, shred the pork and add barbecue sauce. Throw it back together in the pot, put out some rolls and let your friends build their own sandwiches. You can even whip up a side of cole slaw that your guests can eat on the side or put right on top of their sandwiches.

Your upcoming Super Bowl party doesn't have to be a big hassle. With new appliances from Gerhards at your disposal, you will be able to whip up all of your friends' favorites and cook multiple dishes at the same time. Your home may just become the go-to spot for game day gatherings when you wow your loved ones with these delectable recipes.