Gerhard’s Appliances – Impress your friends and family at your summer barbecue with beer can chicken

Roasting a chicken on your charcoal grill is a delectable meal during any season, but now that spring and summer barbecue season is on the horizon, you can try something new this year on your Gerhards appliance. Beer can chicken is an innovative way of cooking an oven stuffer and it will trap the internal juices far better than simply placing it on the grill.

First, you should coat the outside of the chicken with a spiced rub of your choice. Do a bit of research to find the perfect combination of flavor and spice that will work with your guests' palette.

When the chicken is ready, find a can of beer that you love and drink half of it. Typically, the best beers with this recipe are those with spiced notes, such as summer ales and light lagers. Put the end of the can in the open area of the chicken and place it on the grill with it standing upward. After about an hour and a half or when the internal temperature of the kitchen gets between 165 and 180 degrees, it should be ready to carve.

The slow evaporation of the beer will make the meat far more juicy and impart a unique flavor that will make this one of your favorite seasonal recipes.

Gerhard’s Appliances – Save money and cut calories by making your own garlic bread

Whipping up spaghetti and meatballs is a quick and easy dish for many families during the week, but you may cut corners when it comes to your garlic bread. However, you can put a healthy and tasty twist on this dish that can help you cut costs and refine your family's palette for homemade foods.

Making homemade garlic bread couldn't be easier and you can find all the ingredients in your local supermarket. Pick up a loaf of ciabatta bread, six garlic cloves, and a mixture of herbs like oregano and parsley. After coating the top of the bread in extra virgin olive oil and a layer of unsalted butter, you can begin the rest of your preparations.

In a food processor, mince your garlic and heat it up in a sauce pan until it's soft. Then put this back into the mixer with herbs, salt and pepper. You can put this on your buttered bread and pop it right into oven at 350 degrees. You can speed along the process by placing the bread in aluminum foil, and it should be ready in just five minutes.

Making homemade meals is just one of the many things you can do with your new Gerhards appliances, which can dramatically improve your culinary capabilities.

Gerhard’s Appliances – Improving the taste of a generic pasta sauce

Whether it's the middle of the winter or the dog days of summer, whipping up pasta for dinner is a quick and easy way to keep your family satisfied. However, if you're trying to get your family to eat a bit healthier and save some money, using generic sauces may not have the same flavor profile as higher-priced versions. Thankfully, there are methods to improve the taste of your pasta dishes with your Gerhards appliance and make them more adaptable to your family's palette.

Start by investing in a quality pasta like ready-made ravioli or tortellini, as these can cook up far quicker and have healthy ingredients like spinach or other veggies. Then, pick up a jar of generic pasta sauce like alfredo or marinara – a grocery store brand is a great choice and is typically far cheaper.

After the pasta is ready, put it off to the side and heat up your sauce in a large pan. You can then use a series of spices, hot sauce or any combination of ingredients in your pantry to get the taste you desire. Most grocery store brands are very bland, so they will be a great base to work with to create a truly spectacular dish.

When it's ready, combine all the ingredients in a pan and you'll have a delectable yet inexpensive dinner for your family.

Gerhard’s Appliance – A turkey sausage and mushroom strata is a great choice for your Easter brunch

Hosting an Easter brunch is a wonderful way to give your family a wide variety of dishes to enjoy during the holiday, but you may be looking for a time-saver. A sausage and mushroom strata could be the answer for your party – similar to a frittata with a bread bottom, this is a quick and easy breakfast casserole that you can pop in the oven and have it ready when your family arrives.

First, take a bunch of English muffins in the toaster, place them along the bottom of a baking pan, cover with a layer of Colby Jack cheese and cut them to ensure that there aren't any gaps. In a pan, brown sausage, mushroom and onions and put them to the side.

In a bowl, you can whisk together eight eggs, two cups of milk and salt and pepper. Pour the sausage and onion mixture over the top and then put a few pieces of chopped red pepper to give the dish some color. Finally, pour the egg mixture on top and put it in the fridge to chill overnight.

In the morning, you can pop the strata into your brand new Gerhards appliance preheated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. After about 40 minutes, you'll have a delectable breakfast casserole the whole family will love!

Gerhard’s Appliances – Turkey avocado sandwiches are a great way to shake up your lunch selections

Working a 9-5 job will sometimes lead to questionable eating choices, and if you're heading out for lunch every day, the expenses can add up pretty quickly. By taking a few extra minutes in the evening to whip up a sandwich for the next day, you can improve the nutritional content of your food and put money back into your pocket.

A turkey avocado sandwich is a satisfying meal that you can whip up for lunch or dinner for your family in a pinch. First, you'll need a good loaf of whole wheat or Italian bread and then put together your ingredients. A ripe avocado, sliced turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, a few slices of bacon and your favorite condiments will bring it together easily.

You can cut your prep time by cooking up a batch of bacon earlier in the week and putting it in the fridge inside plastic wrap. If you're counting calories, turkey bacon is a great alternative that won't rob your sandwich of that smoky flavor.

If you're making these sandwiches for dinner, use a grill pan in tandem with your new Gerhards appliance to make delectable paninis your family will love.

Gerhard’s Appliances – Appease the health food lovers at your March Madness party with black bean dip

March Madness is in full swing, so if your team is out of it or your bracket is still looking promising, you may throw a get-together to watch the games in the coming weeks. If you have a group of friends that consider themselves health food nuts, you may not want to break out fatty nachos or wings – this year, try black bean dip instead!

Black bean dip is a great compromise that can combine easily with game day snack foods but is far healthier. Start by placing a plum tomato, a tablespoon of cilantro, and two tablespoons of a red onion in a food processor. When this is chopped, you can add two cans of drained black beans, a tablespoon of cumin, a pinch of salt and as much hot sauce as you'd like.

According to the Food Network, you can gradually add spice and other ingredients until you reach the heat level you desire. While the dip works great with tortilla chips, you can put out some whole wheat pita crisps or flat bread to appease your health-conscious guests.

The process is made much easier with a modern cooktop or a similar Gerhards appliance that can improve the versatility of your kitchen and infuse it with modern style.

Gerhard’s Appliances – Use this weekend’s leftover barbecue chicken to create an Asian chicken salad

If you were out enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend, you may have fired up your Gerhards appliance and made barbecue chicken for the first time. This can sometimes lead to copious amounts of leftovers, so if you don't want to eat the same thing all week, why not give it a healthy spin? According to the Food Network, leftover barbecue chicken can be a fabulous ingredient to incorporate into a refreshing spring Asian chicken salad.

First, you should get together all of your favorite salad ingredients like bell peppers, romaine lettuce, almonds, carrots and Asian accents like fresh mint or Thai basil leaves. Then, chop up the chicken into chunks and put all of your ingredients together into a large bowl where they can be tossed easily.

Next, you can make your dressing. A peanut vinaigrette is a fabulous way to meld all the flavors together, so combine a quarter of a cup of peanut oil, two tablespoons each of soy sauce and rice vinegar, a half of a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt and pepper.

When all the ingredients come together, you'll have a delectable meal that's anything but ordinary. Best of all, you'll gain satisfaction knowing that none of your leftovers have gone to waste!

Gerhard’s Appliances – Use up those extra lasagna noodles by making lasagna rolls

After you've hosted a family dinner or a potluck, you may not be able to use all of your lasagna noodles in a single casserole, but there's no reason to let them go to waste. To make the most of your purchase and whip up something your whole family will love, try lasagna rolls!

According to the food blog Sunday Dinner and Then Some, start by cooking up veggies in a pan, such as mushrooms, peppers and plum tomatoes and then combine your choice of pasta sauce to the pan. Season with herbs and spices until you achieve the flavor profile you desire. While this is simmering, mix up a package of frozen chopped spinach and ricotta in a bowl, and put your lasagna noodles in a pot of boiling water until al dente.

When your ingredients are ready, spread the spinach and cheese mixture over the flattened noodles and roll them up. Place them on a cooking sheet and cover with the sauce and sprinkle a bit of mozzarella on top. Bake for about 15-20 minutes on 350 degrees Fahrenheit and you'll have a spectacular meal with simple ingredients you may have already had lying around.

You can speed along the cook time by investing in a convection oven, so look into the many Gerhards appliances that can improve the versatility of your kitchen.

Gerhard’s Appliances – Tips to add roasted garlic to your favorite dishes

Garlic is a chef's favorite that can add depth and variety to your favorite dishes whether it's fresh or comes in a jar. However, there's nothing that matches the flavor potential of roasted garlic, and it can give your mashed potatoes, roasted chicken and other dishes a huge boost. Best of all, it couldn't be easier to make it!

Start by picking up a few whole garlic bulbs and cutting off the top to expose the cloves. Next, pour a bit of extra virgin olive oil over the top and sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper as well. Place each one inside of aluminum foil and wrap them up to create a small opening at the top so heat can escape.

You can arrange these on a baking sheet and place them in an oven preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Let them roast for 30-35 minutes or when the cloves feel soft and can be removed from the bulb. You can then squeeze the cloves out into a dish to be used in a wide variety of meals.

You can speed along the process by using a convection setting on your oven, but if you don't have one, consider investing in a Gerhards appliance to improve the versatility of your kitchen.

Gerhard’s Appliances – What should you do with that leftover corned beef and cabbage?

Corned beef and cabbage is a St. Patrick's Day staple, and you're bound to have plenty of leftovers after the holiday has passed. Thankfully, this dish has plenty of potential to be remade into breakfast and dinner options, and you can use your new Gerhards appliances to get the job done.

One of the easiest dishes that's perfect for the morning is corned beef hash. Simply chop up the leftover corned beef and a few potatoes into cubes, and cook up a few chopped onions in a pan. Combine all the ingredients on the stove and let them develop a crust on the bottom of the pan. This makes an excellent side dish for eggs or it can be eaten on its own.

If you're looking for a new dinner recipe, corned beef and cabbage soup can be thrown together quite easily. Chop up the ingredients and add barley, potatoes and carrots to chicken stock and simmer on your cooktop until all the flavors meld together. This is a quick and easy weeknight meal and you'll even have enough left over to bring to work the next day.

So if you're on the fence about making corned beef and cabbage this St. Patty's Day, go ahead and do it! With all of these tasty possibilities, none will go to waste.