Three perfect autumn pizzas

Everyone loves pizza. The perfect combination of zesty tomato sauce with just a slight kick of sweetness, the indulgently rich cheese, crispy or fluffy crust that perfectly captures the texture you want – and the toppings! Who can forget the toppings? In fact, some people might say that the toppings make the pizza. If that's true, then you're sure to want to give these autumnal-themed pizzas a try. If you're in need of a new wall oven, Gerhard's Appliances has you covered. The Kitchenaid KEBC167VSS is sure to satisfy, with 5.1 cubic feet, this True Convection Architect Series oven offers a 36-inch width that's perfect for baking your ideal autumn pizza pie. Why not consider these three expert recipes from a variety of great gourmand sites?

Sliced pear pizza with Stilton cheese and walnuts
Start with something adventurous. Ditch the traditional mozzarella and forget the sauce or usual herb combo. This pizza from Greedy Gourmet is made with ricotta cheese, four luscious sliced pears, crumbled Stilton and coarsely chopped walnuts. A surefire winner for the pizza lover with daring tastebuds.

Apple, bacon and gouda parmesan pizza
Want something a slight bit more traditional but still maintaining that tasty autumn twist? How Sweet It Is, a recipe site for food-lovers, offers a delicious pizza made with orchard fresh apples. Instead of cider doughnuts or the traditional apple fritters, slice up those tasty fruits and mix them in with red onion, grated gouda and parmesan cheeses, sage leaves, nutmeg, clove and – of course – plenty of thick-cut bacon.

Butternut squash and goat cheese pizza with roasted garlic
Ready to get adventurous again? Add a whole new texture and flavor profile to your pizza with this butternut squash-based pie from The Endless Meal. Featuring the sweetness of butternut squash paired with the zesty power of garlic, an onion and plenty of goat cheese, this pizza is sure to please even the most skeptical of margarita diehards.

So don't put it off any longer. Cheese and tomatoes are sure to stick around at the grocery store, but many of these ingredients are freshest this time of year. Take advantage of the autumn's bounty and get these great harvest ingredients into your dream pie. Best of all, many of these pizzas are considerably more healthy than your usual grease-soaked takeout fare. Hit up the grocery store and make every night pizza night!